Professional Mental Health Support

We are introducing an AI-based technology that helps people who need mental health support by creating a tailored solution and reporting for each case.

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Our community’s mental health is of the utmost importance to our team.

Mental health is an essential part of your physical health and personal well-being. Not a single one of us is immune to mental health challenges. People at all levels of social, occupational or economic status can experience cognitive problems.

People are looking for help in breaking the fear of visiting the doctors’ clinics, eliminating wasted time of the round trip, and providing a smart mental companion system. Timely nurturing our mental health can help to combat or prevent future mental health problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize AI-based mental health assessment technologies and assist people with mental disorders in diagnosing and treating those issues.

MEDIBOT offers a self-paced intelligent system with the help of artificial intelligence that can continuously learn from individuals’ direct and indirect input to precisely diagnose the situation through a smart application that can be connected to different sensors. The app will help you better understand your moods and emotions, receive feedback on symptoms severity and talk to a licensed mental health professional if needed.

MEDIBOT in 3 words:


MEDIBOT professional and experienced team is fully committed to its clients and make everything possible to improve their mental health and wellbeing.


Our innovative combination of features and diagnostic materials allow our clients to receive the most accurate results and simple methods to overcome the issue.

Privacy + Data Safety

Our client’s privacy is our priority. MEDIBOT will provide its users with a secure and confidential experience while trusting us during their hard times.